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Creating a precompiled definition for others to use

If you are a 3rd party code developer, it makes sense to produce a Definition file that describes your code so that others can utilize this Definition without having to Reflect it via the RuntimeDefintion, or create it via the Compiler. To do this, use the same technique as above. Instead of writing the resulting array to disk, you would write the information into a definition directly, by way of Zend\CodeGenerator:

// First, compile the information
$compiler = new Zend\Di\Definition\Compiler();
$compiler->addCodeScannerDirectory(new Zend\Code\Scanner\DirectoryScanner(__DIR__ . '/My/'));
$definition = $compiler->compile();

// Now, create a Definition class for this information
$codeGenerator = new Zend\CodeGenerator\Php\PhpFile();
$codeGenerator->setClass(($class = new Zend\CodeGenerator\Php\PhpClass()));
    'name' => '__construct',
    'body' => 'parent::__construct(' . var_export($definition->toArray(), true) . ');'
file_put_contents(__DIR__ . '/My/DiDefinition.php', $codeGenerator->generate());
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